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Once your business is financially sound, it’s time to start growing. Many businesses don’t know where to start when they reach this point. We have partnered with Sodium Halogen to help your company create new digital tools to be more efficient and stand out in the market place.


Work with Sodium Halogen

We can help you design and build apps, branding, websites, and digital tools that will boost your bottom line

Technology should solve problems.

  • Get rid of inefficiencies in your workflow.
  • Improve your customer's user experience with your company.
  • Create products and tools that get you noticed by your ideal customer.

Sodium Halogen can help you design and build it.

What you can achieve with Sodium Halogen:

Brand Identity Design & Development

Create an entire brand identity system that helps you achieve your goals and works for your business

Refine your company message to connect with how you solve your customer's problems

Create marketing materials that are an extension of your overall brand

Software Application Design & Development

Does your organization have internal processes that software could automate? Maybe you have an idea but don’t know how to make it happen?

Our team can help you design and build it from start to finish.

Web & Interaction DesignUX/UI

Is your website or application not converting the way it should? Are users getting stuck or not understanding how to accomplish simple tasks?

We use our Designtific Method to craft a product that your customers will love first and foremost.

Virtual Reality Design & Development

Got a crazy brilliant idea for how you can use virtual reality to accomplish your business goals? Sounds like our kind of crazy.

We’ve built immersive experiences for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to help businesses like yours stand out.

Our Process: The Designtific Method

Our Designtific Method focuses on solving your customers’ problems while accomplishing your business goals.

designtific molecule

Our small, multi-disciplinary team has spent the last 18 years experimenting and refining our process for turning great ideas into solid strategy and great digital products and experiences.

Over the past 18 years we've helped:

Is Sodium Halogen right for you?

The types of organizations that benefit most tend to be small to mid-sized, privately held organizations where:

  • The owner has been doing his/her own marketing
  • There is little to no in-house marketing staff, or they’re struggling to keep pace
  • The organization is faced with an issue that technology could solve, but doesn't have the means to resolve it
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